Why Choose Us?


All lawn care companies are not the same.

Lazarov Lawn Care Benefits:

  • Premium turf grade granular slow release fertilizer
    Even feeding, long lasting color, better disease and drought tolerance, root growth and overall health
  • The finest professional turf grade broad leaf weed control
    Covers more broad leaf weeds than any other product and carries our guarantee
  • Dual application equipment
    We can spread granular fertilizer and spray liquid weed control during the same treatment
  • Premium turf grade pre-emergent for Crabgrass
    Longer residual, better results, covers other grassy weeds
  • Licensed Lazarov Lawn Care Professionals
    Trained, knowledgeable professionals who know your specific lawns needs

When choosing Lazarov Lawn Care you can be assured that:

  • We will use premium select slow release granular fertilizers and the finest professional turf grade weed control products on every application.
  • Lawn treatments are always done by licensed Lazarov Lawn Care professionals who know your specific lawn needs.
  • Lazarov Lawn Care pricing is very competitive, call us at (952) 440-6900 to request an estimate.


What you might get from other companies:

  • Liquid or farm grade fertilizer with little or no slow release
  • Farm grade or home owner grade weed control, granular (proven less effective)
  • Single application equipment
  • Standard or home owner grade pre-emergent
  • Cheap, fast green up, available without a license
As a consumer it’s important to know exactly what you are getting for your dollar.